This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Having Intercourse. Number 3 Makes Me Really Scared.


The importance of making love regularly is often underestimated. Nonetheless, there are 8 good reasons why you should not disregard the s_x life. This is what happens to the body when stop having s_x:

1. You get sick more often
If you don’t have making love for a long time, your immune system becomes significantly weaker. Germs then have an easier job of spreading in your body and you can contract a bug or get this season’s flu virus more easily. So, have more s_x to be more healthy.

2. The stress levels increase
Regular intercourse is an effective way to decrease your stress levels. The amount of stress hormones reduces during regular intercourse and makes you feel more relaxed in everyday life. Without this important balance, you could become a ticking time bomb.


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