This Is What Happens When You Forcefully Pop Out A Pimple


What to do instead?

1. Benzoyl peroxide – It is the world’s most frequently used antiseptic for the skin. This chemical product fizzes and foams and also kills the bacteria of acne in two different ways. One of its components is hydrogen peroxide which releases oxygen and slows down or even kills the bacteria of the acne.

And the another component is benzoic acid which makes it impossible for the acne bacteria to use glucose in the form of their cellular fuel. And even if they survive, they eventually have to go into a dormant state.

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2. Tea tree oil – Although, it takes as long as a day to do the job, this oil is an herbal extract that also helps in killing acne bacteria. It makes pimples less noticeable and lighter right away. But some people might turn allergic to it since it is a plant product. Both of them can be applied as cream or gel.

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