Help! My Boyfriend’s Sperm Smells Like a Dead Rat and Spoilt Sardine – Girlfriend Laments

Is he really medically Ok? A woman has been left with different thoughts going through her head as she cannot cope with the horrible smell of the boyfriend’s semen.

According to a story shared by Break or Make, a dissatisfied lady has cried out for help as she can no longer endure the trouble she is facing in the hands of her boyfriend over the state of his semen.
My boyfriends sperm smells like dead rat and spoilt sardine, each time he cums I feel like throwing up or I hold my breath so tight.
I have tried talking to him and he says it’s a unique smell and makes him special. I can’t endure it anymore, but as soon as he proposed, I think the smell now comes and goes, more like it reduced a little but I still perceive it small.
I told my friends about it and they joked about it saying it’s my singleness that was smelling me.
Am very serious, his sperm smells. But all I want to know is, is it possible that it will stop once we get married? Since he will be pouring it inside of me. Or will my womb start smelling?
Medically, he is Ok according to the doctors…..
Help me post please.

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