Hey Guys! Here are 13 Ways to Turn a Girl On S*xually


Without further ado… let’s get grooving:

1. Verbally (Non-physical s_xual escalation)

The first key to s_xual escalation is verbal, you need to seduce her with your words… then you move onto the physical which will push things over the edge with her.

2. Talk about s_x… doh!

How can you expect a woman to think about having s_x with you, if you don’t plant those thoughts in her mind? Well the simple answer is, she won’t.

Whilst you’re building rapport with her, you need to throw in a few thought provokers that help her think about you in the sack.

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Things like:

  • Hey look at the way that girl is dancing over there, you can totally tell she’d be terrible in bed by the way she’s moving.
  • I was reading something in the paper on the tube the other day which said that women who wear bright red lipstick or better at giving blow__jobs than women who don’t (WARNING ON THIS ONE, IT’S ADVANCED)
  • I was talking to a girl-friend the other day and she said that women relate dancing with a guy to s_x… is that true?

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