How To Hook Up With A Girl And Makε Out With Hεr


If you really like a girl and are interested in forming a long-lasting relationship with her, hold off on the pressure of a physical relationship.

Men who are confident and sure of themselves and considered ‘hot’ by girls sometimes end up losing dates within a first! Instead of forming solid relationships, these guys continually get dumped at the same point in every courtship. We found out about the top five mistakes a guy makes that scares women away.

1. Too easy to please. Men who throw out too many niceties too early on in a relationship, laugh at all the jokes that a girl makes (even when they both know they’re not funny), and are always ready to do what the girl wants are the type of men women are wary off. Of course women love compliments, who doesn’t? But when it is over the top then it stops working. Women feel that the ‘too eager to please’ are the men who are probably insecure.

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2. Being possessive too. Soon So your girlfriend is out with her own bunch of friends and it’s late. You are not very happy. You start obsessively calling, texting and stalking her social networking, micro blogging sites.


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