How to Get Over a Breakup?


9) Change Your Surroundings to Get Over a Breakup

You can try changing your furniture setting, wardrobe, bed sheets, pillowcases, buying new posters, painting your bathroom, etc. Do anything which can give a new look to your present surroundings. It is your personal space and if it remains clean and tidy then you will be feeling more comfortable. A messed up room can be frustrating itself. Moreover, as you are moving into a new phase of life you may make extra space for something new to come.

10) Discard Painful Memory Triggers to Get Over a Breakup

You should discard each and everything which could trigger a memory shared with your ex. It could be anything like a dress, a gift, a song, a smell, a recipe, a place, etc. Keeping these things around you can only complicate your situation. Say goodbye to all of these things from your life. It can definitely help you to get over a breakup. If you want to keep something like a watch or jewellery which is really expensive then it is not a bad idea. But keep them away from you until you fully get over the relationship.

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