How to Keep an Erection Up For Longer in 20 Ways



Having a hard time trying to get an erection or keeping it up? Use these 20 tips on how to keep an erection up and you’ll stay high all the time.

How to keep an erection longer

Almost all the time, an erection is all in your head.

And if it’s in your head, these tips will definitely help you.

First of all, do you get an erection when you feel horny?


Here are a few reasons behind why you may be having a difficult time keeping an erection up.

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#1 You’re bored of the routine. After a few years, it’s easy to find the whole game of $ex monotonous even if you have a very attractive partner.

#2 Condoms can numb you. Condoms can have a tight grip around your member and it can definitely affect your performance if you’re not comfortable with it. Use thinner condoms if you must, but don’t avoid using it unless you and your partner are committed only to each other.


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