I Have Vitiligo. Here’s What It’s Like to Live With This Rare Skin Condition


One thing I had to get over was the idea that people may look at me and assume parts of my skin were pale white from a sickness or sun poisoning. That’s why Dr. Elbuluk’s believes the best way to help people with vitiligo is to increase awareness of the condition.

Many people have no idea that the condition exists, and there is very little research funding available for doctors to better understand and treat it. “Educating people can go a long way,” Dr. Elbuluksays. “If more people know that it’s a skin condition, it’s autoimmune, and it’s not contagious, that education can help take away some of the stigma that’s been associated with it.”

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Today, I’ve learned to live with my white patches, and even accept them. Luckily, I haven’t had any new ones appear lately, but since this disease is so unpredictable, I could wake up tomorrow with my face covered in white splotches. Still, I’m thankful for my health, and refuse to let a skin condition affect my self-worth.


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