If He Has One Of These 4 Types, Your $ex Will Be Amazing


A men’s private parts can be many shapes and sizes. Dr. Darius Paduch, the director of $exual Health and Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, asserts that every man has the ability to please his partner, regardless of male member types. There are four basic shapes, and each of them have the potential to make closeness with a partner an amazing experience. Check out an explanation of each of the four basic shapes below:


Some men have a private part that has a wide circumference. A thicker member may or may not be long as well. Many men think that this is the ideal shape, but the truth is that some women may fear it and think that it might hurt. The best part about this shape is that it can completely fill a woman’s space, and it can put pressure on her most sensitive areas in nearly every position. It is important that the man with this kind of part works to create a loving environment for his partner, and he must also make sure that she feels comfortable beforehand to avoid tearing.

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