8 Tips On How to Keep Your Man Happy?


3.) Support Him to Him Happy

Behind every successful man, there is a woman who has supported him throughout the whole ups and down. This is one of the best way to make your man happy, When you will support him he will feel himself lucky and his mood will cheer up instantly. A good woman never leaves the support of her man unless he is wrong. Even when he is at wrong try to make him understand that fact leaving him would be a bad option. There might be many gloomy days when he would feel alone and helpless be the light and support for him in those days. He will definitely love you more for this.

4.) Be Romantic to Keep Your Man Happy

Men like is when women take the initiative. Yes, show him your different shade to make him feel happy. Be romantic for him, plan few romantic dates and candle light dinner when he arrives. Ask his hand for a dance and he will be rejoiced. These all setup will keep your love young and new and will also refresh his mood making him happy.


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