8 Tips On How to Keep Your Man Happy?


5.) Give Him Space

Men want space in their life now or then. They need to hang out with their friends or spend their time watching football. Do not interrupt or disturb him when he is having his own time with his friends. Giving space does not mean that you leave him without keeping any update of him. Know where he is going and when he will be back but do not call him in between just to disturb him. Let him have his fun time with his friends.

6.) Appreciate Your Man

Men like to be appreciated by the one they love. It does not matter to them if they do not get appreciation by the whole world but they feel offended when his partner also does not appreciate him. Appreciate for their little efforts and they will like it. Tell your man that you are lucky to have him a and thank him for his those little and big efforts which he does for you. Appreciation given now and then will keep your man happy and motivated.


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