8 Tips On How to Keep Your Man Happy?


7.) Cook For Him

If your man is a foodie then he would love it when you will cook for him. Know about his likes and dislikes in food and cook his favorite dish or cuisine to keep your man happy. Men love eating and the best way to make them happy is to satisfy his stomach. If you are a good cook then he is at an advantage but if not then try to learn cooking and surprise him. He will feel overwhelmed by this act of yours and definitely will feel happy and loved.

8.) Know Him More

When you try to know your man he will feel like he is an important part of you and he is happy to be with you. Try to know his likes and dislikes what makes him happy and what makes him sad or mad. Knowing your man would help you to get closer to him. Do not fight with him on petty issues and do not bring up his ex again. It will make him sad and he will start feeling bad in staying with you. Be an understanding partner when you want to keep your man happy. Know about his basic rules and principles regarding life it will help you to know what kind of man he is and will help you to make him happy.

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