Did You Know Oversleeping Can Lead To Death?..Read This 8 Facts


How much sleep is needed?

Answering the above question is not a channel swim. But it’s not a cakewalk either. Although we on a side have no idea of the ideal amount, specialists on the other have a sound suggestion.

They recommend a night sleep from 7 to 9 hours. We all are familiar to the harms of less than required resting. But we don’t realize in general that the excess rest is the same poison. Less sleeping is a disease and invites other health hazards. Oversleeping is no different.

Let’s dig a bit deeper and know the reasons about why we should avoid ZZZs:
#1 Oversleepers are prone to depression.

Most of the cases of depression are due to Insomnia. But we do have a considerable number of cases that relate to oversleeping. A depressed person wants to sleep more and sleeping more further worsen the depression. In the worst cases, depression caused due to oversleeping, sometimes deprived sleep can help the patient. Consult an expert to overcome such situations.

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#2 And the award for oversleeping is a blunt brain.

Night sleeping is the time when our brain processes our memory. Our brain clears the wastes by-products and balances neurotransmitters while we sleep. So, a sufficient amount of sleep is vital. Too much sleeping can be the direct reason of many brain related diseases. Like too little sleeping causes Alzheimer’s, excess results in Dementia. Oversleeping also creates cognition problems.


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