Do You Know Trying To Stop A Sneeze Could Kill You!! (See How)


Reports that holding in a sneeze could kill is so true!

Sneezing is a sudden involuntary expulsion of air from the mouth and nose (simultaneously) due to irritation from the nostrils. This reaction can be caused by anything from smoke, extreme cold and irritation and it’s a way to keep the body safe.

Sneezing is important to keep the body healthy, it is an immune process that ensures the body is sniffle-free which keeps the lungs lubricated as well as ensure the body has enough balance and mucus to function.

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Studies reveal that when sneezing the nose can generate up to 176MMHG if the mouth and nose are closed (in cases of attempting to suppress the process) which can cause infections. The nose is connected to the Eustachian Tube which is connected to the middle ear, where sneezes are suppressed dirt’s/bacteria can be pushed into these areas which ends up causing (ear) infections.


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