Ladies, 5 Habits You Must Stop If You’re Ready To Settle Down For Marriage..


2) Cutoff Links To Potential “Bad” Friends:
Just like the saying, “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”. Changing of your so called “Am happy for you friends” goes a long way in securing your relationship.

Sometimes the problem isn’t with the lady nor her spouse but with their friends. Sit down and have a good reassessment of the friends you keep. You don’t want to have a snitch as a friend, do you?

3) Stop being extravagant with money:
Being rich and acting to be rich are two different things. Spending money too much and being extravagant is a big No No for most guys.

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It shows you don’t have any idea on money saving and can’t soak garri with your man when the finances are down(Am telling you, most men actually think about that)


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