Ladies, 5 Habits You Must Stop If You’re Ready To Settle Down For Marriage..


4) Stop The Pride Show When You’re Around His Parents;
Like seriously, you can’t help out your mother in-law to be in the kitchen, nor help pack the dishes in after eating and you expect her to give her blessings to marry her son?.

Don’t be a joker. It wouldn’t take you anything to be humble af when you’re around his parents. The easiest way to win a man’s heart is to win that of his parents first.

5) It’s An Abomination To A Man To Say You Can’t Cook:
Like WTF??

Don’t tell me if we get to that bridge we’ll cross it, hell no! Don’t deceive yourself, like they say “Love fades but hunger doesn’t”. You know you can’t cook? A part time catering school would do you great good.

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