Learn How To Avoid Getting Pregnant In Case You Don’t Want To


Common Lies People Tell :

1. Withdrawing: This is the instance where the man withdraws his p€n!$ before ej@cul@tion. It could be true that this does lessen your chances of getting pregnant, but there is no guarantee of preventing pregnancy. The fact is that the sperm may get released even before ej@cul@tion and this could result in pregnancy if the strongest sperm gets out and fertilizes the egg. In case you are looking for a way to prevent pregnancy, this is not it.

2. Nobody gets pregnant the first time they have $€×: This is another story that you should not buy into as the fact is your body is capable of being impregnated from the time you start your periods. You just cannot assume this and get $€×ually active without precautions.


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