Learn How To Avoid Getting Pregnant In Case You Don’t Want To


3. Using a douche: This is a way that attempts to wash the sperm from the v@g_!na after $€×. Not only does this not work, but it can actually be harmful for you. The thing is that when the ej@cul@tion takes place at the cervix entrance, the sperm that is strongest  can bypass the cervix and on to the egg in a couple of minutes. Once a man ej@cul@te, millions of sperm will start swimming upstream and the douche may be too late to do anything.

4. Avoiding $€× during ovulation: This method involves avoiding intercourse when the eggs are released from the ovaries which falls in the middle of the cycle. The only issue with this is that is the body may find ways to circumvent this problem by changing the time of the egg release. If you think you are avoiding pregnancy by having intercourse on the 6th day after your period, the egg could be fertilized by sperm that can stay alive in your body for up to a week.


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