Learn How To Avoid Getting Pregnant In Case You Don’t Want To


2. Have $€× without pene-tration: Another way to explore all aspects of $€× without fear of pregnancy is to have intercourse without pene-tration. There are many methods using which the partners can pleasure one another. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the sperm does not reach the v@g_!na. In case there is sperm on your hands, make sure that it goes nowhere near the v@g_!na as it takes only one drop to make you pregnant.

3. Using contraception: In case you plan to be $€×ually active but are avoiding getting pregnant, the sensible thing to do is go to the doctor and talk to him/her about the best method of contraception that will suit you. But you should know that no birth control method comes with a guarantee. There could be mishaps especially when the method is not used correctly. With the pill you need to remember to have it daily and even then other medications could make it ineffective. Condoms are another method of contraception but for this you need to depend on the men and these too are not foolproof.

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