How To Make Friends In School?


Ways to Make Friends in School:

1) Be Accessible to Make Friends in School

You should be accessible to other students to make friends in school. You should interact with other students who may sit around you. You may have your lunch with other students. If anyone asks you to go out with them, just go. They may become your friends for a lifetime. You just have to keep yourself near to them. Grab the opportunity and make a new friend every day. If you areshy then you may have to open up a little to allow other students to come closer to you.

2) Be Yourself to Make Friends in School

You should not try to be somebody else to impress others. Don’t try to please people even if you are getting hurt in the process. Be yourself and show your genuine nature to others. Those people who have similar interests and personality like you may get to know you. You can flaunt your personality to grab their attention. It is always better to get acquainted with like-minded people. They may be looking out for you so just mix up with them.


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