Medical Tests Couples Must Do Before They Get Married Medical


Medical Tests Couples Must Do Before They Get Married Medical

I have heard people saying all that matters is love, love conquers all, as long as they are happy nothing else matters. These are the wrongest of notions. Love tries but does not conquer all. I was speaking with a sister and a friend a few days ago and it struck me that the elites are still ignorant of these pre-wedding tests. I believe this article will help us a great deal. I actually feel the religious houses and the court should make them a pre-requisite to wedding. Don’t be blinded by love.

For most people, the joy of finding true love and deciding to go into matrimony with a spouse usually knows no bound. However, most people enter into this lifelong union without adequate knowledge of their partner’s health status and so become disappointed and frustrated with marriage because of medical conditions that could have been identified and tackled before this lifelong commitment. The knowledge of your intending partner’s health status by no means implies that marriage is not possible but it gives you an avenue to make informed consent and it enables you and your spouse seek proper medical care early to prevent unnecessary stress and burden during marriage.

Here Are Tests Needed To Be Done Before Wedding:

1. The Genotype Test


This is probably one of the must do in the the test groups. This is the test that lets you know whether you are AA, AS, SS, AC or SC. I actually feel this test should be done from the very beginning of the relationship. I am AA but because of the importance I give to this test, I always ask the question of the genotype from the first or second date. Most people find it weird but I have experienced a lot to know It is quite important. There was a particular sunday in Church that we were discussing this issue and people cited a lot of reasons while It does not matter. I want to address this issue as I did in church. Before I do this I will Like to explain the test.
The Genotype test helps in determining whether one has the sickle cell gene. Sickle cell disease is a chronic and debilitating medical condition caused by defect in red blood cells. As the name implies, these cells are shaped as a ‘sickle’ and this affect their ability to pass through tiny blood vessels to supply oxygen to cells and tissue. This account for most crises experienced by sickle cell patients. It is advisable for sickle cell patients (SS) not to marry a carrier of the sickle cell gene (AS) because of the 50% chance of having a baby with the disease in each pregnancy. However, a sickle cell patient (SS) can marry an individual with no trait of the disease (AA) as their offspring will only be carriers of the sickle cell genes. AS and AS individuals should also not get married because of the 25% chance of having a baby with it.
So back to what I was saying. I told them It is the height of selfishness for two people with the gene to get married. But in the case that they both have agreed not to have a child or they have agreed to adoption them they are fine.

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