Mountain Of Fire 2017 Prophecies By Pastor Dr. D.K Olukoya


Here are the prophecies for 2017 as given by Dr. D.K Olukoya of the Moutain of Fire and Miracles Ministries.
Categories of Christians
Human beings will be divided into three categories as ;

Mountain Of Fire 2017 Prophecies By Pastor Dr. D.K Olukoya
A. Salt
B. Sugar
C. Acid.
God want you to manifest as the salt of earth. Too many Christians are failing to this. Be the salt of the earth.
*Salt preserves
* Salt flavours
* Salt penetrate
* Salt walks quietly and cleanses
* Salt has value
* Salt holds water
* Salt heals and it retaliate when necessary.
You can fill your self with sugar and it will hurt you but salt Persist.

1. Don’t hate anyone. Is like digging the grave.

  1. A year of confuse noises and meaning less storms.
  2. There will be heavenly final whistle to those attacking Gods people.
  3. A year of fighting between the roads and the road users
  4. A year of creditable and fighting battle
  5. A year of disagrace of international serpent and scorpions
  6. A year of triumph and incredibly victory and seventh means victory.
  7. A year of fanatics new beginning fo many people
  8. When the dalt will attack on the owner of the salt
  9. All those who are involve corruption Will suffered it.
  10. A year of givers and uncommon blessing for them that give.
  11. This year many foundational problems will expire.
  12. A year of divine delivery.


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