Must Read For Ladies Only!! See How The Shape Of Your V.Gina Affects Your Org*Sms


You might be wondering why you always find it very difficult to reach orga., sm during s*x. Well, researchers have now found exactly why and how you can improve it.

Wondering why you’re having trouble getting off? It could all be down to the shape of your v*gina.

As we mentioned a few weeks back, studies show that the female orgasm could all be down to how the clito., ris ‘migrates’ towards the vaginal wall during sex. The closer the clito., ris gets to the vaginal walls, the more likely an orgasm will occur – which can be affected by some smart s_x positioning.

But new research suggests that it’s not all about angles (although missionary and woman on top tend to work best). If you’re struggling to achieve orgasm, it could be because of the shape of your vagina.

As reported by Medical Express, new research suggests that women whose clito., ris and urinary opening are closer together will have a better chance of orgasm than those with a greater distance between the two.

Elisabeth Lloyd from the Kinsey Institute suggests that 2.5 centimetres is the magic distance for getting those orgas.,ms. Get out the ruler.

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