MUST READ! This Is What Your Sweat Reveals About Your Health


Sweat is a nearly whole experience but how many of us really know the know how’s of perspiration?

Sweating can be disturbing particularly if you are at school, college or work. The marks and the remains are pathetic, and they leave you in embarrassment. But it is also useful to your health.

Perspiration keeps the body well circulated and away from overheating. When your body temperature increase much higher than 98.6 degrees F, the hypothalamus- your brain’s thermostat signals the exocrine system’s sweat glands to activate.

Sweat rises to the skin’s exterior through pores and evaporates when it hits the air, keeping you cool. Sweat serves a lot of purposes. It assists as a barometer of effort, an indicator of stress, a measure of health and also a life saver because if sweating hadn’t been there, we would have perished.

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Let’s go through the sweaty truths of perspiration.

1. It’s our body’s natural coolant.

Sweat is purer than most cooling water. What makes it impure is the 1% urea present in it.

2. Why isn’t it gentle on your nose?

Sweat has no odour. Sweat is sweet but when it meets bacteria, it turn not so gentle on your nose.
There are sweat glands all over your body.

Especially on your feet. There are two kinds of sweat that ooze out of the pores. The light watery sweat is called common sweat while the thick, fat sweat is known as the stress sweat.


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