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We all know “Woju ooo” was off the hook and we all know that its a great chune that will always get you in a dancing mood no matter what.Here comes a mind blowing “cover” to the hit, tittled “Wojolo” by the duo(brothers) “Stomz”.Download and listen
You can also get lyrics to d song “wojolo” below the download link

Download wojolo by stomz

Lyrics: Intro: Glaze on the mix
Hell yeah
Haa haa,*eh eh*(2x),*Yah*(2x).

Verse1: First thing first,*hey*(2x),i love this day.
It’s a funky stuff,*han*(2x),like a holiday.
Common in Simon,*haa haa*(2x),call Carolina kalo,*eh eh*(2x).

Chorus: Baby oo baby,*haa haa*(3x),if Y̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊и be sisi oo sisi,*eh eh*(3x).
Me no be Baddo sneh,wojolo,*haa haa*(3x),baby brokoto,*eh eh*(3x).

Bridge:Baby brokoto,*haa haa*(3x),Sisi wojolo,*eh eh(3x).
Baby brokoto,*haa haa*(3x),sisi wojolo,*eh eh*(3x).

Verse2: Just incase,alright,scope,all em bagaz forming craze,*haa haa*(3x).
Come join me for the party,*no dulling*(2x),pack all em girls come fams me here,*eh eh*(2x).



Verse3: Hot and fresh,new in town ,eh eh,*eh*(3x).
Just back it and bumbum it oo,*eh*(2x),*oo*(3x).
Wojolo dance,you should diggy that eh,*eh*(3x).
Will you let me put you through,bet you’ll love to do it too.
Stand on your feet,alright,left shoulder down,yeh yeh.
Move it to and fro,just like porairo.
Stand on your feet,alright,left shoulder down,yeh yeh.
Move your head,up and down,just like Agama Lizard.

Chorus: (2x)


Outro: Scope,Canaan Gang.

Download wojolo by stomz

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