Nollywood Mourns: Checkout The Top Nollywood Actors Who Died Within A Month (With Pics)


Nollywood seems to be at a low moment with the heavy blow fate has dealt it in recent times. The Nigerian movie industry has lost three top actors in a space of one month and this has drawn the attention of the public on the entertainers. Following the death of Moji Olaiya, an amicable Nollywood actress who died on Thursday, May 18, the other Nollywood stars have been left in another period of mourning.

Although the occurrences are beyond human comprehension, the colleagues left behind had little or no time to get over the death of a member before getting wind of the death of another.

Sadly, three highly entertaining actors have passed on within a space of one month. As startling as this news is, it is nothing but the truth.

We would take you through the profiles of the deceased actors briefly. Check out the Nollywood artistes that have lost their lives in gloomy events:


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  1. Arutu Emmanuel says

    Comment: May God their souls R .I.P