President Buhari Reveals Plan To Lift 100 Million Nigerians Out Of Poverty


President Muhammadu Buhari spoke of his government’s intention to bring 100 million Nigerians out of poverty over the next 10 years.

Buhari said this while speaking to a high-level UN General Assembly meeting on Tuesday, in a video message.

The Alliance for Poverty Eradication (APE), an organization designed to promote poverty eradication efforts, was introduced during the conference.

Buhari expressed the determination of his government to invest more, particularly of the girl-child, in education.

“Nigeria attaches considerable importance to eradicating poverty.

“That’s why, at my inauguration for the second term in office in May 2019, our government dedicated itself to launching a new plan to bring 100 million Nigerians out of poverty within 10 years,” he said.

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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the President also commented extensively on the health vs economy issue.

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