Read This If You Want To Get Your MMM Money Back


So i was surfing through facebook looking for amebo to post and i found this very helpful post.

Get Your MMM Money Back

I created a website where I promise to double the income of participants by 30%.
The first participant joins with N20k. I need him to be convinced that my website pays So I use my own money to make up for the 30% and he goes home happy. I tell him he gets extra bonuses if he brings a friend and he does exactly that. Two of his friends sign up with N20k each and I return their investment with my own money and give my first client a special bonus for bringing them.

His friends are aware their colleague got a bonus for bringing them in. They get greedy, they bring more people. At this point, everyone wants bonuses as my system is verified and working.
More people join in, so I’m not using my money to pay them anymore, I’m using their money to pay them and waiting for more members to join so there’ll always be money in the system. I see a huge investment of N1m from a greedy participant, I run the website with money and I’ve spent my own money to build the trust in the system so I pair the provider of N1m with myself. Then get about 30 people providing N50k to pay him back in 30 days, he has N1.3m. My system is working, he tells his colleagues in his social class and they’re all excited.

My first members who started with N20k have gotten greedy, they’ve created multiply accounts to cash out but I don’t care. The big fishes are in the game. The big monies are being paired with me, I’m no longer providing money but I’m getting money. Whenever I see a large amount to be donated, I immediately pair the account to mine. Effortlessly a millionaire.


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