4 Reasons Why African Men Love Ladies With Big Bumbum


We made a compilation of the reasons why African men are so crazy over big but’ts and b00bs and here are The Top 4 of them.

4 Reasons Why African Men Love Ladies With Big Bumbum

1. Enticing

According to some men we interviewed, big but’ts and b00bs are enticing and excites them whenever they see it. One guy actually said, he can cum by just seeing a big but’t. That tells you how serious the situation is.

Many African men see it as a se’x’ually exciting tool and can’t do away with it, they virtually worship it and can go ahead to describe the types in it.

2. It’s Se’xy

One of the reasons why some men actually love big but’ts and b00bs is because it’s $exy. I don’t know if the media or magazines contributed to this but the fact is men love it because it’s $exy.

Most men in Africa believe a woman with big but’t will easily raise your testosterone high when she’s stark na’k’ed in your bedroom and that alone will allow you to perform better.

One man said, doing do-ggy style becomes more exciting because you get to have a nice view and when you bang her, the movement the but’t makes, just like waves makes his heart throb harder.


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