How To Have A Relationship With A Shy Girl?


5.) If she is Physically Shy then Make Her Comfortable

Make it clear that you respect her boundaries. Start touching her forearm or shoulder. Point her to remove twig in her hair. If she feels comfortable then move on to more intimate gestures such as holding her hand, tucking her hair behind the ear or slightly rubbing your arm around  her waist. Give her time if she is not interested. If you give her the impression that you are desperate for a more physical relationship then she may feel pressured. If she acts on this then she will end up the relationship.

6.) Getting Her Attention

Getting her attention is the perfect way to have a relationship with a shy girl. Shy girls get lost in the crowded area. Some girls feel insecure and awkward in a crowded place. Don’t expect her to chat like other girls do. She is hesitant and reserved. Get her attention to show that you are genuinely like her. Sometimes it helps shy girls to treat guys as friends. Speak to her as a friend so that she feels comfortable with you. Follow a friendly approach, don’t show off.


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