See 18 D!rty Questions to Make a GIRL W£t


#4 What do you wear when you go to bed?

What are you wearing?

A curious question that’s perfect to ask a girl when she’s in bed already. It’s personal, and yet not too s*xual. Say something like “Gosh, I can only imagine how cute you look right now” when she describes herself. If it’s your girlfriend, ask her what’s she’s wearing and if she doesn’t mention her lingerie *which she may not without a bit of coaxing*, ask about her lingerie and also the color. A perfect start.

#5 What do you think you look s_xiest in?

Get her to talk s_xual by talking about her s_xy clothing. It’s flattering and definitely s_xual.
#6 Have you ever watched someone else make out accidentally or on purpose?

This question gets both of you in the mood. And yet, by directing it at a third person, you can avoid any uncomfortable situation at the start.


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