See 4 Disadvantages and 4 Advantages Of Having A Long Pen!s You Never Knew


2.The Girth Factor

Advantage:There are many of you who are able to be fully satisfied sexually with a longer than average penis. You all completely disband the potential enjoyment that would come from a penis with above average girth as opposed to length. But, in some instances, there are those men out there that have the best of both worlds with girth and length. This makes everyone who already craves the extended length very happy.

Disadvantage:Some of you just simply prefer girth alone. It has been found that the most pleasurable erogenous zones within the rectum and/or vagina are between 2.5 in 4 in from the entrance of either. So, it would appear more enjoyable for a man to have a wide penis of average length than a long penis that will potentially lack the necessary girth.

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