See 4 Disadvantages and 4 Advantages Of Having A Long Pen!s You Never Knew


3. The Performance Factor

Advantage:There are places inside the rectum and vagina that just simply cant be reach with an average sized penis. You will sometimes hear people say things like I want to feel his penis in my stomach which alludes to the penis going very deep inside of them. Several people find euphoric pleasure through this sexual privilege.

Disadvantage:There are several fluent motions during sex that a man with a longer penis will be unable to perform. It is very dangerous and unhealthy for any man to attempt positions where the penis may be bent to extreme angles. This is especially true with a man with more length. Some like to feel the heat from the body of their partner during sex to heighten the experience. This is a luxury that a man with a longer penis may not be able to provide.

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    How to check your pennis length and virginal length?

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