See 4 Disadvantages and 4 Advantages Of Having A Long Pen!s You Never Knew


4.The Penetration Factor

Advantage:The recipients of these colossal penises have their rectum or vagina engorged with penis for ultimate pleasure. Whatever deep itch the recipient needs scratched by this penis, will get their wish. For those that indulge in the form of sexual gratification, this is probably the most beneficial aspect of dealing with a man with this sized male organ.

Disadvantage:The man with the long penis will very seldom get his entire penis satisfied during sexual intercourse. In most cases, the lower portion this organ will have to miss out on the action unless his partner decides to pleasure that portion in other ways. This is one of the huge benefits of having an average sized penis.

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Depending on what a person wants from his or her sexual experiences, this penile variance can have either an advantage or a disadvantage. You decide.

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