How to Stop Liking Your Crush?


3. Don’t Talk About Your Crush to Get Over Them

It is very natural to have a crush on someone to talk about them and to think about them but this will only strengthen your feelings. Don’t mention your crush in conversation and actively shift your thoughts when you do think about your crush that will help you to get over them more quickly. You can even tell your friends not to talk or ask about your ex if you really need to forget about your ex easily. Soon it will not effect you talking about your ex.

  • If you have mutual friends then it is difficult to not mention your crush in conversations. Don’t talk about your crush to process your thoughts and feelings.
  • If your friends know that you have feelings for your crush then they can occasionally mention them. This will remind you of your crush and can make it difficult to get over them. So, tell your friends, don’t bring your crush up.


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