How to Stop Liking Your Crush?


7. Distract Yourself to Stop Liking Someone

You are not feeling your best as you try to stop liking your crush. This is the good time to reconnect with your friends and family. Talk about your feelings to distract you with fun activities. This will help you to get over your crush more easily and quickly. Friends and family will keep you away from sadness. They will provide  an excellent distraction by doing fun activities with you which don’t involve your crush.

8. Focus on Your Interests and on Yourself

Focusing on yourself is important when you are trying to get over your crush. This may realize that you don’t have feelings for your crush.

  • Try a new fitness activity like aerobics, yoga or start exercising that will help you to focus your mind on something other than your crush.
  • Whatever you do, make sure that it will make you feel good about yourself.


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