How To Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating?


5.) Gives Stupid Excuses

While cheating your wife will give you stupid excuses when asked about anything. She might also give a blank stare when you will enquire about anything related to her behaviour or about her whereabouts. But, mostly she will give you stupid excuses for being late to the dinner or if she was not at home because she went out with friends. If this trend continues then it might be the case that your wife is cheating on you. Suddenly she will become a socially active person and start hanging out with her friends or will join any new activities. You will see a drastic transformation in her behaviour.

6.) Her actions will Change For You

When your wife will be cheating on you, her actions will change for you. She will start behaving differently than before. now she will be less bothered about you. If you come late from the work she will be happy and will not complain much about it. There will also be a lot of changes in her behaviour towards you. She will be less caring and attentive towards you. She will also be not bothered to care about your timings and long tours.


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