10 Things That Are DRAINING Your Phone Battery, And You Had No Idea [You Need To See This]


7. Screen Brightness
You don’t have to keep the screen completely dim, but turn on automatic brightness adjustments if you find yourself making a lot of changes throughout the day. The dimmer the screen, the better the battery life.

8. Flash
If you don’t need the flash on your camera, don’t use it. Turning on that little light takes a surprisingly large amount of power.

9. Vibration
Likewise, vibration functions can sap your battery quickly. Turn your phone to sound only and avoid games that use the vibration function if you’re trying to save juice.

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10. Free Apps
You know why those apps are free? They’re supported by ads, and loading those ads requires battery life. Make sure that you’ve completely closed these apps when they’re not in use.

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