Here Are 13 Things You Must Not Ignore About Your Teeth!


Many of us don’t even know that our human mouth contains various bacteria. Basically, our mouth ensures favorable situation that boosts up the bacteria generation. But these bacteria form a coating on the teeth which we know by the name of “Dental Plaque” and other harsh gum problems.

Here I have listed few things that your dentist wants you to realize regarding your teeth and terrible emanations.
1. Bacterial Plaque Coating On Your Teeth

Many people don’t know that our teeth have a yellow or pale color layer between the teeth which is formed due to a biofilm or a bunch of bacteria which leads to cavities.

2. Excessive Dry Mouth Multiply Number Of Bacteria

Saliva is very much pragmatic in sterilizing our mouth and battling out cavities. So, if your mouth experiences dryness, there are many options in the market to increase the saliva, many of toothpaste also play the role of doing so.


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