Here Are 13 Things You Must Not Ignore About Your Teeth!


3. Brushing Equally Critical At Night As In Morning

Though our teeth seem super fresh and bright, toothpastes its necessary to brush at night and morning as well as plaque still grows all over the night hours.

4. Plaque Converts Into Tartar
Basically, if we fail to clean our plaque, it gets hardened over time and transforms into white like substance that requires a dentist to expel itself out. You can also prefer tartar-c toothpaste if you find it at a normal phase.

5. Poor Hygiene Routine Leads To Gum Defect

Uncured Plaque around gums causes inflammation resulting into a gum disease called gingivitis or periodontal. This should be treated on time before it leaves you with loss of teeth tissues and infection in mouth.


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