Here Are 13 Things You Must Not Ignore About Your Teeth!


6. Flossing Has Its Own Way To Do It

Sometimes people lack the correct mechanism to floss the teeth. Although many people practice incorrect way of flossing that damages the gums. As far as now the right way known is fixing the thread at a right angle and flossing along the sides of tooth.

7. Stop Brushing Or Flossing Ruthlessly

Many of you must not be flossing frequently but harsh brushing rubs away the surface and sensitive roots. So, always brush your teeth in a circular manner with a soft toothbrush. Try and practice it and see the results.

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8. Avoid Excess of Sugar And Starch Containing Food

The sugary and starchy eatables or beverages attack your teeth and the bacteria lying within the mouth causes tooth decay and cavities. So, bypass such products. In fact you can go for dairy products or non acidic food stuff.


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