Top 20 Shocking Celebrity NudePhotos That Got Leaked on the Internet (With 18+ Pictures)


Celebrities are never far from the spotlight, no matter how hard they try to distance themselves. And when you look as good as these celebs, it is hard to keep the paparazzi away.

Most of the time, the public sees gorgeous photos of these beautiful human beings. Yet there are other instances where we see a bit more than what we bargained for. So it goes for these fifteen celebrities on our list of 20 Celeb Nud.e Photo Scandals.

Some of these celebrities are quite fitting for this list, considering their recent altercations with the authorities or their rebellious and wild attitudes (hello, Miley Cyrus!) Other celebs on this list were shocking additions. Some of these individuals had squeaky-clean images or had been on the positive end of a lot of media press.

While some of these celebrities took it all in stride, others found it harder to repair their public image. The individuals on this list are actresses, singers, and people that many people in the world admire. Unfortunately, whether they got their accounts hacked or were the victims of malicious intent, these celebs have had to face the photo leak fiasco.

It just goes to show you that you can’t trust anyone, especially when you’re successful, famous, and loaded with cash.

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