Ways Of Remaining Friends With Your Ex After Breaking Up


Ways Of Remaining Friends With Your Ex After Breaking Up

Several questions come up when the relationship fails to work such as if you should keep trying or if you have to cut loose that person from your life forever. Well answers to those questions are determined by us and certain factors such as if the initial relationship was based on mutual respect and trust. The steps below highlight how you can comfortably get back to the “friend zone” with your ex after break up.

Minimize contact
The most hurting and critical time is immediately after break up which makes it necessary for you to minimise contact immediately after break up as much as possible with your ex. Minimising contact doesn’t mean you have to completely avoid and ignore the person as doing so will only lead to more hurt.

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Try and create space and time between you both to heal and clear your minds. During the healing time, if any thing comes up that is not related to your break up but you’d want to share with a friend, feel free to talk to your ex about it as doing so will help you avoid intensity and maintain dynamism in your friendship.


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