5 Ways To Turn A Woman On Without Physical Contact


No, this isn’t about where to kiss her, and different ways to touch her body. We are talking about achieving this without ever laying a finger on her.  Turn A Woman On Without Physical Contact :-

Non physical attributes play a big role in generating attraction with a woman, and here are 5 that can truly have an impact.

1. Intelligence: For a lot of women, a smart man is a sexy man. Knowledge is power, and it can definitely intrigue a woman. Having the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation can have a very positive effect on a woman.

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2. Being Considerate: When you do something considerate, it can make a woman feel special. And that can sometimes materialize into a greater attraction. Being mindful of her feelings and doing small gestures to show her you’re thinking about her can easily win you some points. You’re pouring into her emotionally and that makes her much more receptive to you


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