Why Do Men Love Big Boobs? This Are The Two Main Reasons! MUST READ!

Men are naturally attracted to the bigger sizes of the Jugs of women. There are even jokes online about the fact that men just could not get enough of the chests of women. Some people just could not find the answers on why men are drawn to those but science did. Researchers have found the sole reason why men are giving much attention and care to these pair of balloons.
According to the survey conducted by several psychologists, the main reason why men love this is the fact that men sees it as ‘excess resources’ they are thinking that the bigger it is, the more benefits they will get from it.
It was based on the survey conducted among 266 men with differentsocioeconomic status in life. The ones who are financially stable chose the smaller ones while those lack financial stability chose the bigger ones.
Another reason that was published by the US National Library is that the chests of the women indicates the rate of being fertile. Those men who does not want to become a father drew a stick figure with smaller boobs while the ones who drew bigger ones were the men who wants to have kids.

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